Planning and Programming (Comprehensive Facilities Plans, Predesigns)

The Planning and Programming team integrates facilities planning with system-wide academic and strategic priorities. The group is responsible for the development of project requests to the legislature, preparing projects for revenue bond sales, and capital financing, and works with the Design and Construction group for delivery of new facilities, major rehabilitation, and ongoing repair and renewal of existing facilities. Contact Planning and Program for:

    • Solicitations
      Current listings of requests for information, requests for proposal, requests for qualifications for projects, and employment opportunities.
    • Capital Budget
      Forms, processes and procedures concerning all aspects of the capital budget, such as the HEAPR process, capital budget scoring, and the current capital budget request for the biennia.
    • Comprehensive Facilities Plans (formerly Master Planning)
      Information on campus comprehensive facilities plans, including the preparation of RFPs, guidelines, and scheduled presentations.
    • Predesign
      Project predesigns develop the scope and feasibility of a construction project, and is a necessary prerequisite to a capital request.
    • Reports, Studies, and Guidelines
      Current reports relating to facilities planning, incluing parking, entrance studies, and similar documents.
    • Energy and Sustainability


Training for Capital Renewal/FRRM

    • Instructions for updating. (April 2016) Guidebook for annual update of campus backlog and renewal conditions.
    • Training Webinar. (April 27, 2016) Sightlines webinar offering a step by step overview of updating backlog and renewal in FRRM.
    • Reconciling Roof data with FRRM. (April 2016) Instructions booklet on how to reconcile roofing details in FRRM with details found in the RoofPro Software.  

Developing Learning Spaces

Categorizing Repair and Replacement and Operations
Fund and Program code definitions and categories.

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