Insurance/Risk Management

Risk management, primarily related to property, auto, liability coverage and purchased policies issues, is coordinated by the Office of the Chancellor in conjunction with the campuses, and is governed by Board Policy

* NEW * Reporting of Claims

In the event of any property or liability loss at any college or university, the appropriate campus staff should contact System Office Risk Management (Keswic Joiner, 651-201-1778) and the State of Minnesota's Risk Management division (Mr. Scott Johnson, Claims Manager, 651-201-2592) to report the claim as soon as possible and practical.

Claims Report Guide

If you have questions, comments please e-mail Director of Risk Management, Keswic Joiner, at

Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Policy Program (TULIP)

The TULIP program is offered to campuses where third-party users of campus space need additional insurance coverage to meet liability insurance requirements. Liability insurance requirements are found in the vendor/contractor general insurance requirements link below. TULIP is a product of the University Real Management and Insurance Association (URMIA).
  • TULIP Program Website. For a description and brochures about the TULIP Program. 
  • To register for the program:
    • Step 1: Go to 
    • Step 2: Click the About URMIA tab
    • Step 3 Find Subscribe to TULIP; (half-way down the page)
    • Step 4: Complete and submit the application
    • Once approved, you'll receive an email with the pertinent details, such as your location code for your potential tenant/user, and other data.

Insurance Requirements

Who do I contact for insurance issues?

All risk management and insurance policies and practices are coordinated by the Office of the Chancellor. Please address any questions or inquiries to Keswic Joiner at 651-201-1778 or via e-mail at

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities obtains much of its insurance coverage through the Risk Management Fund at the State of Minnesota's Risk Management division, which handles claims, underwriting and general insurance policy administration. In addition, some specific coverages are placed with private market insurance companies through the State of Minnesota's Risk Management division.

Insurance Coverage Summary and Tort Liability

As a state entity, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities has specific liability limits pursuant to the Tort Claims Act found at Minn. Stat. 3.736 for acts performed within an employee's scope of employment. Insurance coverage is aligned to cover the liability limits imposed under statute.

Liability caps under the Tort Claims Act are $500,000/claim and $1,500,000/occurrence.

Various coverages are purchased by each college/university in accordance with their needs, including general liability, automobile liability and physical damage, property, boiler and machinery, crime, inland marine, warranty coverages, garage keepers legal liability, professional liability, etc. For specific college/university coverages and limits, please contact Keswic Joiner, Director of Risk Management.

Campus Property and Deductibles

Insurance deductibility limits should be within a campus's financial wherewithal to absorb. For campuses that maintain a 5% reserve, a draft system procedure proposes that a college or university should choose a deductible that is between 1 and 2 percent of the institution's average monthly revenue. (Prior fiscal year total general fund revenues divided by 12).

If a campuses reserve balance is below the 5 percent threshold established by the Board, the institution shall choose a deductible amount that is lower and minimize the financial hardship that would result from having to absorb the deductible during a given fiscal year.