Design and Construction


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  • Job Order Contracting (JOC)
Job Order Contracting is an alternate construction contracting method for the delivery of renovation and construction projects. It is governed by Minnesota Statute 16C.35. JOC is a way of getting small, simple and commonly encountered construction projects done easily and quickly. JOC is a new construction delivery method to MnSCU that supplements our current processes.
  • Prevailing Wage
    Per Minnesota Statute 177.41 through 177.44, construction workers on State funded construction projects are required to be paid prevailing wage rate.
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  • Responsible Contractor
    Per Minnesota Statute 16C.285 requires responsible contractor for all bids over $50,000 effective January 1, 2015.
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  • Equal Pay Certificate of Compliance
    Minnesota Statute 16C.285 requires Equal Pay Certification of Compliance or written exemption for bids over $500,000 to be included with bid. This requirement has been included in:

23. Div0-Instructions to Bidders, Section 00 21 13 (rev 1/2/2015)
25. Div0-Bid Form, Section 00 41 13 (rev 1/2/2015)

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