Design and Construction

The Design and Construction team is responsible for overseeing the effective and efficient delivery of construction projects for the system in coordination with the colleges and universities. The Design and Construction links for further information are:

  • Announcements
    Current listings of requests for information, requests for proposal for projects, employment opportunities, and other information related to design, construction, planning and programming of campus facilities.
  • Project Management Manual for Design and Construction Comprehensive guide for the campus management of design and construction projects, including most construction contracts.
  • Capital Improvement Program (CIP Report)
    The reports provide a snapshot in time of capital projects under design and/or construction and provides financial and progress status on their execution. Reports look at progress as of June 30th and December 31st each year.
  • Capital Improvement Project Summary (CIPS)
    We are excited to rollout new "Capital Improvement Project Summary" reports that will replace Construction project status reports on our website. The reports will continue to include capital projects under design and/or construction phase and will be updated monthly.
  • Facilities Design Standards
    The Facilities Design Standards are intended to be used by architects, consultants, and campus facilities personnel during the planning, design, and construction of new and remodeled buildings, and for maintenance of campus facilities and infrastructure throughout the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System.
  • MnSCU Reroofing Design Standards Manual
    The Roof Design Standards in this manual enables an Architect to design a reroofing system and produce roof related construction documents for a MnSCU Standard 40-Year Roof that is associated with a new construction or renovation project.
  • Master List of Facilities Professional/Technical Consultants
    In order to accelerate contracting for Facilities Professional/Technical Consultant services, the System Office (SO) has published a Master List of Facilities Professional/Technical Consultants in the Project Management manual for Design and Construction.  Click on #42 for the list.
  • Exterior Masonry Design Standards Manual
    The Exterior Wall Masonry Standards Manual is intended to outline the standards required of the Architect/Engineer for the design and construction of masonry exterior walls of MnSCU new construction, renovation, or repair projects with materials and details to last the lifetime of masonry: 100 years or more. This guide parallels the design principles and requirments of the currrent edition of the MnSCU Facilities Design Standards.
  • Program Managers
    System Office staff who work in coordination with college and university staff in hiring architects, owner's representatives and construction firms for project delivery.


Job Order Contracting (JOC)
Job Order Contracting is an alternate construction contracting method for the delivery of renovation and construction projects. It is governed by Minnesota Statute 16C.35. JOC is a way of getting small, simple and commonly encountered construction projects done easily and quickly. JOC is a new construction delivery method to MnSCU that supplements our current processes.

Prevailing Wage
Per Minnesota Statute 177.41 through 177.44, construction workers on State funded construction projects are required to be paid prevailing wage rate. 

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