Capital Budget

The Board of Trustees submits a capital request to the state legislature for capital funding during every even-year legislative session. The system-wide Capital Budget is comprised of a request for Higher Education Asset Preservation and Renewal (HEAPR) funding and individual capital projects and initiatives to renew and address changing market conditions, opportunities and strategic direction of our campuses. The process is further sketched out in the following links.

Capital Budget Overview
A summary overview of the capital budget process and how it works.

Capital Planning Process
Capital process diagram which demonstrates the flow of information between the campuses and the System Office.

2016 Capital Budget

Preparing the Request

  • 2016 Capital Budget Request. The $262 million ($211 million state support/$50.6 million MnSCU support) list was approved by the Board of Trustees at its June 16-17, 2015 meeting.
  • 2016 Capital Budget Instructions (published June 6, 2014). Provides instructions needed to prepare a capital project request for the 2016 capital budget cycle. Includes details on process, schedule, scoring form sample, and statutory information.
  •  Predesign Update Instructions (published June 11, 2014). Special instructions and examples for updating predesigns of projects partially funded in a previous biennium or projects being resubmitted for a 2016 capital budget request.
  • 2016 Capital Project Inflation Schedule (last updated May 2015). Project inflation rates to be applied to FY2016-17 Capital Project Requests. Source: Minnesota Management & Budget and CPMI.    
  • Example Analysis for Alternative Energy Sources. (from Mn Dept of Administration)
  • 2016 Capital Budget Project Narrative and Cost Workbook. (originally published July 11, 2014; updated July 14, 2014). Workbook used to submit projects for the 2016 capital budget process. All projects must include a completed workbook.
  • Submitting the Capital Project Request. Submit your captial project request material for 2016 via Sharepoint. Plan to upload your predesign documents and workbooks to the site. StarID required to access site and load documents.  

2015 Capital Budget Request

Results of the 2015 Legislative Session

  • Funded Projects. The legislature approved a $31.9 million capital budget during the 2015 special legislative session.

2015 Capital Budget Request

  • 2015 Capital Budget Request. Approved by the Board of Trustees.
  • 2015 HEAPR List. The $67.5 million HEAPR request was shared with the legislature in January. This list is subject to change as circumstances warrant.

2014 Capital Budget Information

Results of the 2014 Legislative Session

Capital Budget Request

Preparing the Request

2014 Capital Budget and Initiatives Forms

For questions about the capital budget, please contact Greg Ewig, Director, Capital Development, 651.201.1775 or