About Finance

The Finance division is comprised of two units: Finance and Facilities. These units are responsible for the oversight of all issues related to the financial stability and management of the system's 31 colleges and universities and the system office.

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  • Chief financial and facilities officers information
    Conference, orientation and training materials for chief financial and facilities officers.
  • Delegation of authority
    A "delegation of authority" is the formal conveyance from one person to another of the authority to bind the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system or an individual college or university to a legally enforceable obligation.
  • Management team
    Get to know the management team! Brief bios as well as photos can be found here.
  • Policies and procedures
    Finance Division policy & procedure guidelines and directions.
  • Reporting structure
    A brief overview of the working groups within the Finance Division.
  • Reports and presentations
    A wide variety of reports & presentations of interest to users of Finance Division services.
  • Staff directory
    Contact information for Finance Division staff and other helpful directory information.
  • Training and development
    A collection of helpful information concerning opportunities for continuing training and development.
  • Workplan
    The division workplan provides detailed direction on the broad topics of finance related systemwide priorities and campus services, statewide financial/facilities leadership capacity building, system and college/university financial outlook, and board/chancellor management reporting framework.
  • Organization charts
    Up-to-date organizational charts for the Finance Division.

If you have questions or comments please e-mail us ( finance@so.mnscu.edu) or refer to the staff directory for additional contact information.